Group structure

The group includes the parent company Cityvarasto Oyj and 100% owned subsidiaries Oy, Suomen Opiskelijamuutot Oy, Kiinteistö Oy Olavinkatu 45, Varastosta Oy, Puupeukalo Oy and Cityvarasto Oü. Cityvarasto Oü, located in Estonia, has not had any operations so far.

The purpose of the group structure is to be able to offer an increasingly comprehensive service, especially to movers, who are the largest customer group in the companies.

Investor contacts

Cityvarasto investor connections
Ville Stenroos
  • Chief executive officer, Founder, Main Owner
  • puhelinumero029 123 4747
Cityvarasto investor connections
Matti Leinonen
  • Financial expert
  • Puhelinumero029 123 4768