Cityvarasto Group includes Cityvarasto Plc, Cityvarasto Oü, Koy Vantaan Painotalo and Oy. The turnover of the group in 2019 was 10,3 million euros and EBITDA 3,2 million euros.

Cityvarasto Plc. is a Finnish nationwide self storage chain founded in 1999. Its net sales and EBITDA have grown every year since its foundation. Turnover in 2019 was 7,67 million euros and EBITDA 2,72 million euros (35,5%). In terms of profitability and number of facilities Cityvarasto Plc. is the leading self storage company in Finland. The market value of real estates 31.12.2019 was 65,3 milj. €.

The core business of Cityvarasto is acquisition and converting real estate into modern self storage facilities. The market share of the company is appr. 27%. Cityavarasto has 43 self storage facilities in all major cities around Finland.  Self storage market continues to grow rapidly and  in various other countries, the self storage market is clearly bigger than in Finland and the growth is still strong.  Cityvarasto aims to increase its market share in the growing market. The company has launched a franchise concept to expand also into smaller cities in Finland. The first franchise partner has opened a self storage in Hyvinkää.

Excellent profitability Self storage business is steady and not easily affected by economical fluctuations, self storaging is also more profitable than investing in housing. 50% EBITDA can be achieved with full locations, in other countries, the stock listed self storage companies have achieved even 73% EBITDA. 

Innovative Growth Company - Cityvarasto is a technology forerunner in self storage business actively seeking for technical solutions to solve the problems of customers and improve operations. For example the world's first online shop for storage renting was developed  by Cityvarasto and company was awarded for this with  FEDESSA's "Innovation of the Year" award. In the Kasvu Open 2016 competition Cityvarasto was among the top 8 companies, more than 700 participated the event.

Growth Strategy - inorganic growth by merging and acquisitions:
Mergers: Citystaff 2014, Tampereen Kaupunkivarastot 2014
Acquisitions (shares): (1 of 4 owners) 2016, Hämeen Pikkuvarastot 2017, (51% of shares) 2018
Acquisitions (business operations): Hämeen MInivarasto 2009, Agenttivarastot 2013, Turun Minivarasto 2014, Torivarasto 2014, Varastopiste 2015, Homebox Finland 2016, Lahden Ykkösvarasto 2018