Cityvarasto as an Investment

Cityvarasto Oyj is a self storage company that operates nationwide and was established in 1999. The company has 62 self storage locations in the largest cities around Finland. In addition to renting self storages, the company sells packaging supplies, shipping and reception services and self storage insurances to its customers, leases business premises and business center offices, as well as provides an address service. The Cityvarasto Group consists of its parent company as well as Oy, Oy and Suomen Opiskelijamuutot Oy. Oy, founded in 2004, is a growth company specializing in van rental. currently operates in addition to capital area also in Turku, Tampere, Kuopio, Jyväskylä and Oulu, and aims to expand it’s operations alongside Cityvarasto into a national van rental company. Suomen Opiskelijamuutot Oy is a removal company, specializing in domestic removals and it is operating in the Southern Finland region

Why invest in Cityvarasto?

Strong market position

The core of Cityvarasto’s business operations is in purchasing and converting properties into self-storage hotels. The company’s market share is approx. 27% and the company has 62 self-storage locations in the largest cities around Finland. The self-storage market continues to grow rapidly and Cityvarasto aims to increase its market share. In comparison countries, the self-storage market is larger in relation and the growth continues to be strong.

Excellent profitability

Self storage business is not an industry that is sensitive to economic fluctuations, and it is more profitable than investing in real estate. The owned location achieve an EBITDA of more than 50%.

Innovative growth company

Cityvarasto is a pioneer in the industry and the company adapts, develops and seeks digital applications that are suitable for the self-storage operations in order to make the customers’ everyday life easier and to simplify the operations. Among other things, the company has developed the online store, which was awarded with the FEDESSA Innovation of the Year award and is the first of its kind in the industry. In the Kasvu Open 2016 growth competition, Cityvarasto was among the 8 best companies with more than 700 participants, and the company was selected as the Best Company in Helsinki in 2017.

Profitable growth strategy

The Group focuses on the strength of business operations without forgetting about profitability. In addition to organic growth, Cityvarasto Oyj’s growth occurs as business acquisitions too.

Mergers: Citystaff 2014, Tampereen Kaupunkivarastot 2014

Stock trades: (1 of four owners) 2016, Hämeen Pikkuvarastot Oy 2017, - 51% share of company 2018, entire capital stock in the autumn of 2020.

Business acquisitions: Hämeen Minivarasto 2009 (Tampere), Agenttivarastot 2013 (Helsinki), Turun Minivarasto 2014 (Turku), Torivarasto 2014 (Kuopio), Varastopiste 2015 (Vantaa), Homebox Finland 2016 (Seinäjoki), Lahden Ykkösvarasto 2018 (Lahti), Lappeenrannan Minivarastot 2021 (Lappeenranta), Heinonsalo Oy 2021 (Hyvinkää, Suomen Opiskelijamuutot Oy 2022 (Helsinki), Seinäjoen Kauppaneliö 2022 (Seinäjoki).

Corporate Social Responsibility

The Cityvarasto Group is committed to reducing environmental load. Energy and water consumption is monitored at all locations, in addition to which the regular maintenance and repair of properties allows the load to be reduced. Energy-efficient solutions are sought for heating and the Group is carrying out a survey on the possibility to partially use solar energy. In construction and repair projects, we pay attention to making recycling more efficient and sorting waste.

According to studies, more than 75% of carbon dioxide emissions during a property's life cycle are generated in connection with the demolition of the property. Extending the life cycle of properties by converting them to functional self storages has for this reason a significant reducing effect on carbon dioxide emissions.


Cityvarasto Oyj’s shares are part of the book-entry system. Privanet marketplace you can trade Cityvarasto shares.

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Financial reports

Cityvarasto’s financial figures indicate strong growth. The Group focuses on the strength of business operations without forgetting about profitability.


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