Cityvarasto Avainlippu - Suomalaista palvelua


There is an renovation of the Pajatu 9. Renovation will end on 28 July. The car can not get into the warehouse. We are sorry for the inconvenience caused! More information from Cityvaraston customer service 029 1234 703.


Phone: 0291234703
Lapintie 26
33100 Tampere
  • Entrance from Pajakatu 7 - 2-8m² self storages
  • Self storage height approx.2,5m
  • Entrance 6-23
  • Driving infront of the front door through 2,4m wide hallway. Hallway is 2,8m high.


Jouni Huttunen

Vuokrausneuvottelija Tampere
Customer service
Tel. 0291234775

Karita Pallari

Kohdevastaava Tampere
Customer service
Tel. 0291234776