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Helsinki, Konala

  • Postal codeHankasuontie 6, 00390 Helsinki
  • Customer service 029 123 4709
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Rent a storage space
Transaction times

Self-service storage: you can visit your storage every day between 5.30 am - 12.00 am. You can enter at the storage office’s main entrance by calling the number indicated on the door.

Clear height

Access to the storage with a max. 2.5-metre-high vehicle

Storage unit types

1 - 25m² self storages and 1m³ cubic storages as well as offices

Additional services

Hand trucks and four-wheel trolleys are freely available to be used by our customers.

Services at site

Cityvarasto - self-storage rental

Self storage rental

Rent a self storage of cubic storage from Cityvarasto in Konala, Helsinki

Cityvarasto vuokraa toimitila

Rent of business premises

42 - 1234 m² offices available to rent.

Current offers

Helsinki Konala
Campaign offer!

All cubic, mesh and self storages


First 2months

The promotional price is valid for the first two months. (the promotional price does not apply to 1-month fixed-term agreements)

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