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Storage Renting Conditions

1 § STORAGE UNIT STATE OF CONDITION AND STORED GOODS: The Storage Unit is rented in such condition and size in which it exists at the time of signing the Rental Contract. Only dry pieces of goods can be placed in the Storage Unit. The floor freight load should not access 500 kg/m2. Unauthorized entry or overnight stay is strictly forbidden. Any other activities which are not related to goods storing, i.e. in the corridors, in yards or other general places, are denied. Explosives, materials easily flammable or materials flammable on its own, materials harmful to the environment or health, or any other potentially disturbing materials, or liquids containing mercury, must not be stored. In case the Renter believes the stored goods could be harmful to people or to the premises, Customer has to remove such goods immediately
on the Renter’s request. Goods may be stored only in the Storage Unit which is stated in the Rental Contract and solely for the agreed time period. The Renter has right to remove or dispose the goods which are left outside of the Storage Unit at Customer’s expenses. Using general spaces at storage sites for other Customer’s own use than moving goods is not allowed. Customer must not store goods to the third party in the rented Storage Unit unless he/she has a written approval of the Renter.

2 § HEATING AND ELECTRICITY: Heating and lighting of general spaces is included in the rent. In case Customer has a special need of electricity and water consumption, it has to be separately agreed with the Renter.

3 § INSURANCE, LOCKING AND RENTER’S RESPONSIBILITIES: The Renter has insured its storage site premises, not the stored goods for which Customer is responsible alone. The Renter does not have a responsibility of Customer’s damaged or lost goods in his/her Storage Unit. Customer is responsible for having a sufficient insurance and for providing a secure padlock for the Storage Unit door. The Renter has the right to lock any unlocked Storage Unit and charge Customer for all related expenses. If Customer has not insured his/her stored goods adequately, he/she is then responsible for own damaged or lost goods. Customer is also responsible for the damage he/she caused at the storage site, corridors, yards and other general Renter’s premises.

4 § STORAGE UNIT: Customer must not make any construction changes. It is not permitted to apply whatever outside marks, texts, logos, pictures or symbols related to Customer’s activities. On the Rental Contract termination, the Storage Unit must be returned in the same condition as it was at the beginning of this contract. It is not allowed to drill or to attach anything to the internal or external walls, floor, or ceiling surfaces of the Storage Unit, for example shelves must be standing freely on the floor. Storage site can be closed for a given time period due to security or maintenance reasons. The Renter reserves the right to access the rented Storage Unit in case of necessary maintenance or repairs. By giving one (1) month ‘s written notice, the Renter may require Customer to move his/her goods from the rented Storage
Unit to a similar Storage Unit specified by the Renter which shall be the same or larger size. Car needless idle running in the storage site is forbidden. Customer is responsible for ensuring that the main door is closed after his/her visit. Customer takes care and is responsible for the persons who are accompanying him/her to the storage that they will also follow this contract conditions. In case Customer causes an alarm, he/she is liable to pay all related expenses. Smoking is strictly forbidden at all our storage sites.

5 § RENTAL CONTRACT: The Renter has the right to check Customer’s credit reliability. If Customer has or will start to have credit problems during this Rental Contract, the Renter can bill three (3) months rental deposit. If this contract is made on behalf of a company and the undersigned person does not have enough authority to do so, the Renter shall keep the undersigned person as a contract party and place this Rental Contract to his/her name. The Renter is obligated to handle Customer’s data according to the existing laws. Document on data handling is available on the Renter’s web pages. On this contract signature or payment of the first rental month or by placing goods to the Storage Unit, Customer agrees and confirms he/she has read this contract conditions and obliges to follow them. This Rental Contract is elaborated
in two identical copies, one per each contract party. Rental Contracts made at our webshop are understood as read and agreed at the moment Customer agrees this contract conditions at the webshop.

Fixed-term Rental Contract: On the expiration of the rental period, this Rental Contract will terminate on the end date. No other notice of termination is needed. Customer must remove all goods from the Storage Unit, clean it, and remove the padlock by the end date of this Rental Contract. If not so, this Rental Contract will automatically change to long-term Rental Contract.

Long-term Rental Contract: This Rental Contract is long-term with (14 days) 2 weeks termination notice for both signed parties. Termination notice must be done in writing, either by e-mail or by post. For example if a Rental Contract has been started from 18.1. and Customer no longer needs the Storage Unit in April, Customer has to give a termination notice by 3.4. Thus the last rental month will be from 18.3.- 17.4.

6 § CONTRACT TERMINATION: Customer must remove all goods from the Storage Unit, clean it and remove his/her padlock from the unit door by the last day of this Rental Contract. If not so by this contract termination date, the Renter has right to break Customer’s padlock on the unit door and clean the Storage Unit by realisation of the abandoned goods at the best way available. All costs related to realisation and transportation will be fully charged to Customer. Realisation conditions are described in the paragraph 7.

7 § RENT PAYMENTS: Customer’s access to the storage site will be activated and the right to the rented Storage Unit will begin on the payment of both the first rental month and the rent deposit. The rent payment will be paid once per month in advance by the due date to the Renter’s bank account. The Renter reserves the right to change the rent amount. This shall be informed to Customer at least 30 days in advance. If the rent is not paid according to this Rental Contract, the Renter shall charge for a reminder bill, for late payment, and also for the interest of the outstanding rent amount given by the law. If the rent is not paid according to this Rental Contract, the Renter is entitled to - deactivate access to the main door from the access control system, - terminate this Rental Contract immediately, - lock all Customer’s goods (by Renter’s own lock), - charge Storage Unit opening fee, if Customer paid all the outstanding bills before realisation as described father behind. If the rent is not paid by two (2) months of its due date, the Renter can break Customer’s padlock and sell all Customer’s goods in the best available way, i.e. through the public auction, without a court investigation or decision, and to clear any outstanding sums due to the Renter and to cover all costs related to realisation. If there is some remaining sum, the Renter will send such sum to Customer’s account on request. This request must be provable and has to be done in writing within three (3) months from the realisation. After that period, no claim for the remaining sum will be considered. Customer is responsible for paying Storage Unit rent until the goods realisation. Customer’s stored goods stand as a guarantee for any outstanding payments. If the proceeds of realisation are insufficient to cover outstanding sums of unpaid rents and related costs, the Renter will take action to recover the outstanding amounts from Customer through the imbursement office. Customer agrees and confirms that the auction prices are usually much lower than the general goods value. Customer cannot claim damage compensation, as far as the realisation is based on the unpaid rent.

8 § RETURN OF RENT DEPOSIT: Rent deposit will be returned after this contract termination approximately within two (2) weeks, when the Storage Unit is found empty and cleaned (see above 5§ and 6§). The Renter can cover Customer’s outstanding payments from the deposit. Before the deposit return, Customer should inform his/ her bank account to the Renter.

9 § TRANSFER OF RENTAL CONTRACT, CUSTOMER OBLIGATION TO DECLARE AND OTHER TERMS: Customer cannot transfer this Rental Contract to a third party without the Renter’s written permission. The Renter has the right to close access to Customer if it is suspicious of Customer’s wrong doing. Activated access information (phone number, key, pin-code, tag) must be kept in secret. If Customer is suspicious the access information is revealed to an unauthorized person, he/she has to immediately report that to the Renter. The Renter can transfer this Rental Contract to a third party without Customer’s hearing. Customer is obliged to provide the Renter with proper contact information and to inform any later changes as soon as possible. In other cases, Customer takes his/her own responsibility for any direct or indirect loss that would be possibly resulting from improper contact information. The Renter is not responsible for any direct or indirect harm or delay, caused by technical defect or other such disorder, based on the force majeure principle. Otherwise, the Renter acts in accordance with the current laws valid for renting business real estate.

10 § BREACH OF CONTRACT: Should Customer breach the rental conditions agreed in § 1-9, the Renter may, additionally to that stated in §7, deactivate the main door access from the access monitoring system, terminate this Rental Contract immediately, remove harm substances and goods at Customer’s expenses to the best available place from the Renter’s view, and to charge for the direct and indirect loss caused by the breach of this Rental Contract.