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Self storage Insurance 

We recommend you to take our insurance for you goods. We want to offer our customers the opportunity to get insurance for the goods stored in our self storages. In case a sudden accident happens for the goods they can be replaced by a full value. 

Some of the home insurances do not cover for long term storage of goods held. Insurance may cover, for example during moving occurred damage, but does not necessarily cover the whole outside of the home stored goods. 

Cityvarasto has been looking for insurance that gives you extra security for the goods in a reasonable monthly fee and without a deductible. With this insurance your goods are insured for full value and the price of what you would get a new corresponding replacement. 

It is very important that your stuff is properly insured to the value of what the new product would cost, not what it would be as used.

Call 0400 906 566 and ask for more details about insurance!