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Storage space for motorcycles etc.

You can store your motorcycle safely in Cityvarasto, but the tank should be empty of fuel. Similarly, you can store lawn mower but only when tank is empty. You can store car tires two sets of tyres per storage.

Only dry pieces of goods can be placed in the Storage Unit. The floor freight load should not access 500 kg/m2. Unauthorized entry or overnight stay is strictly forbidden. Any other activities which are not related to goods storing, i.e. in the corridors, in yards or other general places, are denied. Explosives, materials easily flammable or materials flammable on its own, materials harmful to the environment or health, or any other potentially disturbing materials, or liquids containing mercury, must not be stored. In case the Renter believes the stored goods could be harmful to people or to the premises, Customer has to remove such goods immediately
on the Renter’s request. Goods may be stored only in the Storage Unit which is stated in the Rental Contract.