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Notice to leave on period

1.Fixed-term Rental Contract: On the expiration of the rental period, this Rental Contract will terminate on the end date. No other notice of termination is needed. Customer must remove all goods from the Storage Unit, clean it, and remove the padlock by the end date of this Rental Contract. If not so, this Rental Contract will automatically change to long-term Rental Contract.

2.Long-term Rental Contract: This Rental Contract is long-term with (14 days) 2 weeks termination notice for both signed parties. Termination notice must be done in writing, either by e-mail or by post. For example if a Rental Contract has been started from 18.1. and Customer no longer needs the Storage Unit in April, Customer has to give a termination notice by 3.4. Thus the last rental month will be from 18.3.- 17.4.